Project: Construction, Rehabilitation, 2 Laning with Paved Shoulders, GTG Road, Jharkhand

Location: Govindpur Tundi Giridih Road, Jharkhand

Contractual Commencement: August 2016, Completion: July 2019

Project : Bridge Across Godavari River At Kopargaon, Dist. Ahmednagar

Location :

Features: Total Length 333 Mtr. , PSC T-Beam Girder, 28 Mtr. Span (11 Span), 14 Mtr. Height, Pile Foundation

Completion : Year 2010

Project : Major Bridges 6 Nos. Udhana – Jalgaon Doubling Work Of Western Railway

Location :


Completion : Jan.2016

Project: Bridge Across Pravara River At Kolhar

Location: Kolhar, Ahmednagar


Total Length 200m In Box Return, PSC Girder, 42m 2 spans, & 12m height Pile Foundation

Completion Year: 2010

Project: Holkar Bridge Across Godavari River, Nashik

Location: Malegoan Stand, Nashik


Upstream Side of existing Holkar Bridge in Standing water, 20m span, 7 Cast in Situ, 1500 mm dia piles up to depth of 14m

Completion Year: 2003